6 Tips To Come Up With Effective Calls-To-Action

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Only if that were true. But have we caught your attention? As an ecommerce consultant in Sydney we’d like to share some important tips to help you produce some engaging and attention-grabbing Call-To-Action (CTA) that you can incorporate for both marketing ad campaigns as well as in your social media organic posts.

What Is A Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. A call to action is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Order Now’ and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink. In digital marketing, this can take the form of the text on a button or a web link and in email campaigns. CTAs often link to a webpage where the user can take further action to purchase a product or register for a particular service.

Why Is It Important?

The call to action is a key element on a webpage, acting as a sign that lets the user know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a service and is likely to leave the site without accomplishing their task, which you do not want to happen. A call to action makes it clear to potential customers which action to take next and helps remove doubts in moving the user down the sales funnel. You can possess over one call to action on a page if there are many actions for the user to take.

The more information that can be conveyed through your CTA to the customers will showcase only positive results. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure your CTA is engaging and to the point.

Have More Than One Call to Action

The most common calls to action occur in a sentence at the end of marketing materials. “Contact us today for more information” or something else in the same lines is probably the simplest CTA format. Your content must have at least one call to action to tell the reader what to do next. To improve response even further, include more than one CTA.

Use Strong Verbs

You have limited space on an ad creative but need to convey a lot of information within a few seconds when a customer sees it. It’s important to have a CTA that jumps at them and gets your point across at the same time. Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do. Use words like “Order”, “Buy,” “Shop”, “Subscribe”, or “Register”. Getting some professional help for eCommerce website development helps in increasing the interest the customer shows even after visiting the website.

Induce Emotions

If you want to provoke your audience’s emotions through excitement then you can introduce a discount or offer that will surely draw them in.  Words like “Order today and get a flat 50% off” are going to boost their adrenaline and make them frantically visit your website to check out what’s on sale. It’s a win for them as well as for your business due to the increase in traffic and sales. 

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Make Use Of USPs

Give your target audience a reason why they should continue with the purchase of a product or service by making use of some of your brand’s USPs in the CTA. The question “What’s in it for me?” will be answered in a jiffy making your brand seem more reliable and established. With the increase in trust now you are guaranteed to have an increase in clicks and website traffic.


Keep these tips in mind and make sure you do more research into what your competitors put out and get into the mind of customers to find out exactly what they want to hear to draw them to your business. If you need e-commerce consulting from a professional team then always remember that our doors are wide open for you. We are one amongst the many digital marketing and eCommerce marketing agencies out there but come with years of experience so your business will be in good hands. Visit our website to check out all our services.

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