Essential Email Marketing Tips To Drive Effective Results

“Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.” – Wikipedia. There is no need to introduce email marketing. However, the common myth is – email is dead! If you also believe that same, then think again. You will be surprised to know that email marketing experts commonly aim to achieve multiple business goals, such as to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. 

Means, we can say that email marketing is still in the vogue and one of the most cost-effective ways to attract potential customers and educate and inform existing customers. Irrespective of the type of product or service you have, you can always rely on email marketing. 

Indeed, it is fast, effective and powerful enough to propagate business messages in a systematic way. Let us see some of the most wonderful statistics and facts about email marketing – 

Facts and Statistics – 
In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020).In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day (Statista, 2020).According to the data, 81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018).

If you think that email marketing is becoming less and less valuable due to the advent of social media, then you are wrong. It is still running wildly and improving the overall reach of customers. 

Did you know?
Email marketing can be carried out through different types of emails: Transactional emails & Direct emails.Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82% (GetResponse, 2017).

Hence, if you are not using the power of email marketing, then you should shift your mindset. Most people think that devising an email marketing strategy is quite complex. So, let us discuss some ways that help business owners to drive better and sustainable results. 

Email New Subscribers 

Yes, this one is quite impressive; when someone subscribes to your service; you need to immediately send a newsletter (or a welcome email). This will improve the engagement of customers and make them loyal, too.

Also, make it a point to draft an amazing newsletter in order to attract and retain customers. Did you know? Email continues to be the main driver of customer retention and acquisition for small and midsize businesses.

Use Email Automations

There is no point in designing an email marketing content every time you wish to send a newsletter to your subscribers. The best thing is you can choose tools to automate your email marketing. 

It will give you the opportunity to improve subscribers and mail them whenever you want. Did you know? Personalized subject lines can do wonders. 

Use Text-Based Emails

Here, the formula is simple and straightforward – if you want your emails to feel more personal and trustworthy, all you need to do is to design a text-based design. 

It can attract the attention of customers and make them feel good. Hence, design your email campaigns accordingly. Did you know? When it comes to performance, organic search, paid search, and social media can’t beat emails. Hence, we can conclude that emails are matchless.

According to digital marketing experts in Sydney, one way to refine your overall business marketing strategy is to include email marketing in your arsenal. 

Never use Generic CTAs

If you do not want to miss potential clicks and increase your email open rate significantly, then you should stay away from generic and run-of-the-mill CTAs. 

Means, you need to understand your audiences and draft a CTA accordingly. In this way, you will get better and surprising results. Make sure you thoughtfully design a CTA for your readers so that they can take action rather than ignoring it. In simple words, the aim is to make your CTA more impressive, clickable and catchy.  

According to Email Monks, after receiving a re-engagement email, 45% of subscribers read future emails. 

It might sound complex, but email marketing is quite simple and easy to execute. Unquestionably, email marketing is very helpful and can boost your sales and conversions in a systematic way. Hence, follow the above-mentioned email marketing tips to create an effective email marketing campaign and accelerate your business. “Email marketing offers incredible reach, acceptance, and effectiveness.” So, what are you waiting for?

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