How To Benefit Your Business Using Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ad Library is a helpful and necessary platform for all businesses to understand what kind of content their competitors in the same industry are putting out for the audience. All you need to do is either search for a different brand or just type in a keyword related to your brand and multiple results will pop up which can inspire more campaign ideas from your team. But just browsing through the platform alone isn’t going to help you garner success. You need to start off with a concrete plan.

Let’s begin with what it is and then jump into ways it can help you out.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

Facebook Ad Library was designed to give anyone and everyone access to advertising taking place on Facebook. This approach is to promote transparency sharing as much information as possible. Anyone paying attention to the birth and growth of social media and internet giants is aware of the fine line they walk in bringing products to market. Providing free access to all ads running on Facebook and Instagram gives anyone the opportunity to identify what brands are up to. 

When it comes to creating engaging and more competitive ads on Facebook, Ad Library is a treasure trove of information. It’s also a must-have to reach your audiences as fast as possible to generate brand awareness, leads, sales and ultimately business growth. To deliver the most effective Facebook ads, you will require insights into what your competitors are running and the ad library helps you do just that. These insights you gain will help you produce more compelling content and offers to outshine your competitors. There are tons of content marketing agencies in Australia who are well-versed with Facebook ad library and know what needs to be done to grow your brand.

Below are some ways you can use Facebook Ad Library to help you create competitive engaging content for Ad campaigns.

Start With A List

The best way to begin is by putting together a list of all the different competitors in your industry. Research and try to have around 10-15 brands in total. This will be easier for you to keep track of the kind of content they are putting out on a regular basis on their social media pages. This in turn will drive you to make content that can raise a level above and create a brand for the people.

Browse Through Their Ads

Now that you have an idea of what your competitors do organically it’s time to take one step ahead to see the kind of Ad campaigns they are running. Visit Facebook Ad Library, type in your competitor brand’s name, and check out what kind of ads they have put out. Do this every few weeks and collect as much information as you can. Make sure you jot down your ideas before you forget them for future use. Aside from looking at your local competitors Ads you can also browse through what other brands of the same industry but different countries are doing. This will broaden your whole perspective and help you grow even more.

Break Down Funnels

Funnels usually consist of an ad that drives traffic to a specific location, which is typically a landing page. While you can tell which ads are running, determining how competitive and creative your competitors are can only be done by following their funnel. So experiment and see where your competitors Ads take you and save this new data you have acquired for later use.

Create Impactful Ads

Now that you have all the research in hand, it’s now time for you to start putting them into action by creating your own Facebook ads. To do so you’ll have to first have a plan of the kind of content you will be putting out. Remember an Ad should catch the attention of any viewer within seconds so having a lot of text isn’t a good way to begin. Instead use graphics, imagery, or videos to draw them in. Research shows that using video ads with captions increases view time by nearly 12%, something that helps keep users engaged for longer. To go with the Ad creative you will also require an appealing caption or Ad copy to go well with it. To top off the Ad you create, have a strong call to action that will push your viewer into taking the next step to see what you’ve got in store. To create your most effective calls to action, take a look at what your competitors are using and aim for something more compelling. 


A power tool like Facebook Ad Library offers all brands the chance to keep an eye on what competitors are up to and gives them the opportunity to go back to the drawing board to strategize to get more conversions. Take your time to research and don’t rush this process since this is all for your very own brand. If you still aren’t fully aware of how you can get started then taking professional help is always an option. Lucky for you, we’re right here and ready to help your business out. Riise Consulting is a ppc consultant and content marketing agency in Sydney with an expert team that is ready to help your brand grow to its full potential. Browse through to see what more we have to offer.

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