COVID19 pandemic proved to be a challenge for every business. Small, medium and large enterprises all got into the trap of pandemics and witnessed a downturn in turnover. Changes in lifestyle observed a dynamic shift in demand for online marketing and online product promotion; led to a 70% hike in the online market. Therefore developed a need for an online business presence. 

COVID 19 lockdown, drastically changed the needs of people from what then earlier used to demand to what then required now on the advent of the pandemic. 

One common question that emerged from the advent of the pandemic was what steps a business should take to adapt to the growing online world. 

So now the business chooses to adopt the practice of online marketing and are seeking help from SEO to make the presence of their business visible. 

If you are searching for ways to improve the presence of your business online, then yes! You landed on the right article. 

Here we have stitched together four best tips by which you can make your business visible on online platforms. 

  • Improve your online activity. 
  • Make use of search engine optimization 
  • Catch your customers through email 
  • Review, analyze, and apply the result.

Let’s discuss the above four tips in a little more detail so that you have a better understanding. 

1)Improve your online activity 

The visibility of your business highly depends on your online activity. However, your search engine optimization goes along with the quality content you post. Remember one thing-your regularity will determine the extent to which your business grows online. So always make sure that you operate on as many social media platforms, and you can get apart from your website. Be regular with your posts and updates. Now the reason to work on more than one platform is that you never know from where you can capture the interested audience, so it’s better to target as many fields as you can. Remember to put up your catalogue with a catchy caption on all the handles. It will not only improve your visibility but will also improve your search engine optimization performance. 

Next is to always remain interactive with your customers, by this, you will be able to keep them engaged in your content and will help you establish better relationships with your potential as well as existing customers. 

2) make use of SEO( search engine optimization) 

Investment in search engines is never a waste. It acts as one of the golden rules in the success of any business online. Its visibility determines your business’s success. So no matter how exciting your website is, how engaging your content is, or even for that matter how beneficial your offers are, until and unless you make it visible it’s not going to work. There, to improve visibility, one of the best ways is to deploy a search engine. It helps you to build your online presence and potential target customers. Search engines are also known as one of the most effective traffic generation sources for your website. Along with your social media handles, SEO helps to gather a customer base for your business. Google is among the top search engine optimization options and has been delivering outstanding results. It also helps to amplify your messages. 

So this one tool can not only increase your visibility but also broaden your customer base. 

3) catch your customers through emails. 

Emails remain the most classic yet the most useful medium of communication. It is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. Since due to the transition in purchasing patterns, emails remain to be the one at helping hand. You can send your connections, email newsletter, and campaign information via email. However, there are times when emails tend to spam the inbox and might get missed. Hence it is always a good practice to keep your emails short and crisp, including all the relevant information, and at large should be catchy and attractive. Customers are not going to spend much of their time reading promotional emails, therefore make the emails relevant to them. 

4) review, analyze, and apply the result. 

Data always reveal the real picture, and there might be a change in consumer preference but to what extent is depicted by data. Therefore it is advised that you gather your data from relevant sources and study it thoroughly before landing on a result. With the help of data, you can clearly understand the pattern of your customer decision and hence deduce useful strategies to get the desired outcome. 

Now, apart from these strategies, there are plenty of different methods you can opt in to improve the visibility of your business online. More or less, these four remain the ideal ones. 

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