Increase Domain Authority with Quality Backlinks

The domain authority of a particular website decides its relevance to a specific field. It refers to the number of backlinks(it is the link established when one website links with another). Domain authority directly depends on the number of backlinks a particular website has. Domain authority is a metric that ranges from 1-100, wherein 100 is the best, and one is the worst that a website can get. This score can influence the number of backlinks and their relevance to the website in question. 

How important are backlinks?

Backlinks are essential because they infer that other websites believe in your content and feel that the content provided is relevant. They are also known as inbound links. It means backlinks enable the search engine to summarize that others vouch for the content the website offers. The search engine analyses that if different websites link to the same web page, its content is worth relating. Creating backlinks for a website and increasing the number of backlinks positively affect the website’s ranking.

Some of the best backlink sites that create backlink for websites are:

  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Check my links etc.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

It is implementing high-quality traffic and directing it towards a particular website that is going through search engine results. It primarily depends on

Quality traffic

It involves attracting customers based on valid information that the website provides. It attracts customers all over the world because of the information provided by the website. If the search engine attracts the customers to your website by giving some information that is not true, it leads to traffic quality degradation.

Quantity traffic

If there are a wide range of people who want to access your website, this results in increased traffic, which is better.

Organic results

Ads constitute a significant part of SERP (search engine results page). Any traffic(that attracts customers) free of cost/without paying is known as Organic traffic.

Why Was Domain Authority Created?

Moz created domain authority to help businesses figure out their ranking on SERP.

They tabulate a particular page’s ranking by referring to several channels, including the root domains, the total number of backlinks into a single DA score. This score can compare the given website with its counterparts over a while. The decrease in the backlinks directly hampers the DA score. 

Real-time, e.g., All of us have used IMDB for quick movie reference and ratings, haven’t we? IMDB is one of the most popular sites that provide relevant information regarding the reviews of different movies. IMDB has keywords that help it gain a wide range of consumer attention and recognition.

A Good DA Score

The domain authority score varies from 1-100. It implies that a good domain authority nearer to 100 will also fetch a good SERP ranking, enhancing your web traffic. A good number of backlinks increases the domain authority. DA score can increase when we get site backlinks.

When a new website debuted initially, its DA score is 1; this score increases with an increase in its number of external links. DA score can toggle over some time because of multiple reasons. The massive growth in link numbers of high domain authority sites for backlinks can adversely affect those at the lower end of the range. Also, simple reasons like stagnant link profile growth may lead to fluctuations in the DA score.

Increase Your Domain Authority Score

It is a time-consuming and daunting process that may take several months to increase the DA score.

  • As a first step, a link audit must conduct.
  • It validates that all the backlinks given to the website are valid and do not include any SEO tactics.
  • The DA score should be checked 0nce in every 3-4 weeks as Moz updates its Index.
  • Choose a relevant, unique, easy to remember domain name. It attracts broad customer interests.
  • Update the page’s contents, and it can be done by changing the font-style rephrasing of keywords, structure of the page, etc.
  • Build relevant content.
  • Publish/ create linkable content.
  • Improve the internal link structure and remove all the virulent links.
  • A mobile-friendly website attracts more number of users as people use mobile more often than laptop/pc.
  • Conquer your niche; it means to build a firm authority over the website(increases website authority). It can give relevant unparalleled information such that the consumer is kept engaged. It will perk up your brand by increasing the traffic and the number of external links.
  • Increasing the loading speed of the web page increases the number of customers.
  • As many people are relatively active on many social media sites, it is better to use social media to promote the website’s content.


Initially, Domain authority might reflect as a complicated concept, and thus it takes some while for the website developer to understand its basics. With the flow of time, it becomes much more manageable. As the DA score increases the web page’s popularity, it becomes an essential tool for analysing and understanding its ranking.  

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