Real Estate Marketing On Instagram

Real estate and Instagram are made for each other when it comes to marketing. Having photo and video based content makes it easy to showcase different properties, location data and geo-targeting can easily be incorporated, the reach is enormous due to its large number of active users, and last but not least Facebook’s advertising platform provides sophisticated campaign targeting options

Showcase your Current & Future Properties

Featuring what’s currently for sale or rent is the first thing to do when it comes to using Instagram for real estate marketing. This social network is a perfect platform to showcase all properties and developments. Posting just a banner or flyer isn’t such a good idea. Design a creative with suitable elements so it can catch the eye of the targeted audience as they scroll through their feed.  Don’t forget that you’re not limited to just a single image. Instagram has a wide range of compelling content formats, including stories, ad carousels, and videos which can be used to highlight the pros of various properties.

Also creating coming soon or stay tuned posts for future properties can add a sense of suspense for the viewer compelling them to keep a check on your page for the next update.

Focus on your Instagram Bio

Yes! That’s right. The bio is one of the first things a viewer will see after the display picture. In just 130 characters you can either put a strong one liner or explain a bit about the brand but the goal at the end of the day is to get a good impression or really pack a punch.

Make sure to add the location of your agency, any relevant links like your website URL or a link to a contact form, etc. and of course the call-to-action. A call-to-action is a phrase that can be used to prompt a specific action or compel an audience to act in a specific way.

This helps encourage and engage potential leads who discover your profile to take action and not just scroll away.

Highlight Your Brand’s Successes

People want to work with individuals and firms that are successful. Boast a bit about your brand on Instagram through posts, stories, and other reviews which in turn will act as a powerful tactic. It highlights to audiences that you’re competent and likely to meet their real estate needs better when compared with others in the same field. Be very specific when talking about successes or achievements as this allows them to see the benefits of using your services.

Highlights on Instagram is an excellent feature to showcase all the important aspects of your agency. They help show the stories that have crossed the 24 hour mark. You can have a highlight for many different things such as customer reviews, property photos, ongoing offers or sales, etc. Building this connection virtually with your clients will help build trust and assurance amongst potential clients and is sure to help you stand out from your competition.

Provide your Audience Insights about Real Estate

Another Instagram marketing idea for real estate agencies is to jump into the depths of real estate as it can be difficult for both buyers and sellers, especially for those not very familiar with it. For some people it can  be a daunting task to figure everything out, from listing timing to how to go about getting a mortgage. That’s where real estate marketers can be very important. By providing insights, you can engage eager audiences and establish yourself as a trusted resource. To achieve this the posting frequency must be regular so you can allow your audience to develop the interest in hearing more. 

Hold Live/Video Sessions

Using the Live or IGTV feature you can make your brand more engaging to your audience. In case you plan to hold a live session, your team can give a discussion on real estate and your brand or you can collaborate with other recognized people to bring in their audience as well. Oh! and don’t forget to hold a Q&A session so people can clear their queries. 

Another way to engage your audience is through IGTV where you can put up pre-recorded and edited long videos. Starting a series of specific topics can help keep the content on track but this too will require a regular frequency to ensure that your interested audience comes back for more.

Explore Facebook and Instagram Ads

With the right digital marketing strategy for real estate you can increase your overall reach through well curated ads that look engaging and draw potential leads in. You can either use Facebook to help or boost the posts that have gained the most traction organically on Instagram itself to increase the reach. 


Instagram can help with every step of the way, from sparking interest in communities and providing information about properties, to encouraging open house visits and driving purchases. Using the power of the platform to engage the network’s large audience directly, utilizing the sophisticated targeting tools at your disposal, and making the most of the many compelling content formats is the ultimate goal.

Riise Consulting is a social media marketing agency in Sydney, Australia that is ready to provide you with all the assistance you need to take your brand online. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best strategy to build your brand right from the foundation. Contact us today and book a free consultation to get started! 

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