The difference between Facebook Boost and Ads



When dealing with social media marketing, you often get confused between Facebook Ads and Facebook boosted Ads. They are different in some aspects, and the difference in a single line. Depending on your unique advertisement goals, and the target audience, you can choose one of them as your social media marketing strategy. This complete guide will explain to you how Facebook Ads are different from the boosted pages, and when you should use each of them.

1. What is Facebook boosted Ads?

A Facebook boosted page is the most basic post or advertisement you can make on your Facebook page’s timeline. And you can expand the reach of the job by applying the advertisement budget. It is the simplest way to advertise your post.

Boosted posts do not have similar customization features to that of Facebook Ads, and Ads Manager does not create them. You may find the option to “boost post” in the bottom right corner of your advertised post. By clicking this button, you can ensure that the post will appear as an ad to more people’s timeline or News Feed.

You can even choose to boost a post that is already on your timeline by following a few steps. When you select a post to promote, you disclose three things;

1. Who is your Target Audience:

You have to pick the type of audience you want to connect with through the post.

2. Your Budget:

You have to share your budget, and you have to fix how much you want to spend for your entire campaign.

3. Time of Boosting:

Once you have clicked the boost button, your target audience will get the post in their news feed for the duration you have set the limit.

But without a boost option, your post can reach a tiny portion (around 1%) of the target audience, whereas boosting allows a much larger audience of your preference, to see the post. It is a marketing strategy when you want to increase audience engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

But if you are looking for a more customized version of social marketing, then you should opt for Facebook Ads. It will work much better for you.

2. What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a more advanced and customized way to advertise on Facebook. It comes with many advanced features that will help you to reach out to the target audience and specific business goals within a limited time. While boosting post optimization for page engagements, Facebook Ads can be used to optimize the website conversations, app installments, shop orders, video views, and many more.

You can choose from a variety of options for advertisements according to the goal of your campaigns; these customized options include;

Click on the website for website conversions, likes, app installations, app engagement, offer claims, local awareness, and event response.

Another benefit of opting for this marketing strategy is that it comes with an action button that promotes actions like ‘sign up,’ ‘download,’ ‘shop now,’ ‘contact us,’ and many more. You may also find the boost post option with the Facebook Ads console. Boosting the post either way looks the same from the audience’s point of view. But raising it from your Facebook ad always remains one step ahead, as you can do many more things with it directly from your business page.

3. What more can you do with this feature?

1. Use advanced targeting capabilities: With boosting posts, you can decide on age, gender, and interest of your ad targeting. This feature helps you to reach more like-minded people. And with Facebook ads, you can overlap your audience choice using advanced tools.

2. Use specific ad objectives: With Boosting a post, you can focus on the website clicks, local business promotions, and page engagements. Whereas with Facebook Ads, you can choose to be a little more objective with lead generation, conversations, and Store Traffic. You can even use the App manager mobile app to create and manage your Facebook ads.

3. Maintain creative control: You can design ads according to your goals with Facebook ads. To drive in more audience, you can add a specific description, and call to action button. You will find many more creative formatting options with this Ads manager, which are not available by boosting the post option.

4. Choose Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts:

Choosing between these two marketing strategies solely depends on your business goal. So, it is vital for you first to decide what you expect to achieve with this ad. If your main goal is to enhance your audience engagement with your brand, or to maximize visibility, or to develop brand awareness and grow your audience. If you want to create more advanced ad types like app install, website conversations, you have to use Facebook Ads Manager.

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